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Generate amazing revenue and create traffic through our pay per click method.

PPC Marketing Strategy

Best-in-class Influencer search, management, and tracking with enterprise-grade analytics make it easy to build influencer relationships and create effective campaigns at scale.


Find & manage talent with our easy search features.

Find exactly who you need, when you need them swiftly. Utilize our expansive network of influencers or import your own. Target influencers and their audience by specific keywords, demographics, interests, location, and that’s just the start.


Coordinate each step of your campaign fulfillment process.

We provide you with all that you need to make your campaign come alive. Manage data from your influencer relationships, contact information, notes, contracts, and campaign history. Use our battle-tested, in-built automation workflow to save you more time.


See what’s working and what isn’t with our intuitive analytics.

With our intuitive analytics you can measure the core of your marketing efforts and automatically verify influencer reach, brand alignment, and targeted message delivery, all while measuring real-time influencer post performance. Then export reports when you’re ready to share your results.

All your team needs in a single package.

We are all hands-on deck just for you. Our team consists of highly trained professionals to listen to you and assist you with whatever your needs maybe.

Social Intelligence API Suite

Our API suite influencer marketing strategy gives you a detailed audience demographics, competitive intelligence, sponsored campaign, post data & deep creator understandings to enterprise applications in real-time. We provide you with access to the views of our influencers so that you can capture your targeted audience.

API Integration

Our API integration effortlessly connects our social insights with your business giving you access to more data, create effective campaigns and valuable business application benefits.

See what our clients are saying.

See how top brands are successfully using NeoReach to activate, manage, and track influencer marketing campaigns at scale.